Flying without wings

Yes! I want to fly, I love heights as much as I hate water (Hydrophobic 😦 ).I always had visions of falling from somewhere and then taking off like a bird. The feeling of air on the face, the freedom to see the world and go anywhere, stop anytime. Just fly away where ever you want.


Oops! Dreams are dreams.I wouldn’t say I flew but Yes! at least I tried.

Skydive Chicago, my first skydiving experience. I don’t even understand why people say its scary. Its lovely to do something like this in your lifetime. To begin with, I was going to do a Tandem Skydive, where a no voice skydiver is connected to a harness attached to an instructor. The student needs minimal instructions as the instructor guides the student.


Ready to go with my Bro

Initially I was taken for a basic training, which lasted for about 30 mins. Here they talked about various aspects of skydiving. The procedure of how it is carried out from freefall, piloting the canopy and landing. The basic altitude to pull the the parachute, alignment of your body during the jump and not to panic in weird situations. Next they make you sign some papers, to which I strongly recommend to sign without reading and wasting much time. (It might just change your mind, if you are weak hearted 😛 )

After which I was given my jumpsuit and the instructor checked the harness. Now I was walking towards the plane and a rush of excitement ran through me. The plane took me to my jump altitude of about 13500 ft. On the way, the instructed was strapped to me and the instructions were repeated. I was the first one to jump off from the plane and Woohooo! I exited the plane without even having second thoughts.

The first 60 seconds was the freefall, where you are under the sole influence of gravity :). Just like falling objects from your table. This was indeed the most amazing part of the experience.Just taking a plunge into the air,the hands spread and air gushing past my face. As if a bird was learning to fly for the first time and there was no end to it. But wait if you don’t end it,it will end you  :D.



It was time to defy the gravitational force. I came back to my senses and deployed my parachute few seconds after I saw the altitude reached 6000 ft. I was pulled back into the high skies.The instructor guided me in steering the parachute down to a safe landing. I was walking like a human again :(.

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I had a fun instructor and photographer which made my experience all the more enjoyable.I would definitely revisit the place if i go back to Chicago.You can check out the place here Skydive Chicago.


The licence takes about 20 Jumps in total. I cleared the first level in my certificate with pretty good marks.I haven’t got a chance to go back and try it again.But I would love to Fly Again ! 🙂

Next on the list “Scuba Dive” 🙂 (To get rid of my claustrophobic/hydrophobic fears)

10 thoughts on “Flying without wings

  1. This is exciting, Maitri 🙂 And it’s commendable that you want to kill your fears like this. You seem absolutely calm and unruffled after the jump. I wanted to do it last summer – didn’t work out – so perhaps this summer. Some lovely shots there!

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