Being a “Perfect” Indian Bride

This post comes as I complete one year into my wedlock! Wohooo… 1 Year. That sounds like a milestone. It also completes exactly two years since we met. This would also be the most personal post till now

I wanted to be a bride ever since I was 10. Being one of the youngest girls in the family, I had witnessed many wedding’s right from the time I was 4 and oh yes! I had danced out my heart in each one of them. I always saw brides being pampered irrespective of the fact they were going from the family or entering a new family. I never understood why? but I was always fascinated by the idea of getting dressed up and being the center of attraction — Like a Queen of your upcoming King!


The Indian Bride

So finally after years and years of waiting, I was going to become a bride, 8 months to go, I was  planning my wedding. I was not even close to feeling like a Princess.

“I wanted everything to be perfect and finally on the day — I gave up all my perfection to be myself.”

I realized, sometimes we try so hard to bring things into real that we forget our own selves. The planning had begun, Our honeymoon was booked, the place I always wanted go. Sounds so perfect like a Fairy-tale!Right?

 I handpicked my wardrobe. I just wanted to be a simple Indian Bride in red with a nose ring. I never believed in going up to a designer and getting my wardrobe fixed for the day. I just wanted my choice and that would satisfy me, be it from any corner of the world! – and that’s the reason I went all around the country hunting for my ‘Perfect Nose Ring’ and found it in a small shop.

My wedding functions, venues and everything else that goes into a North-Indian Big fat wedding was taken care off by now. I was exhausted by the last month and just wanted to get over with it, because by now I had traveled and looked so much into each detail, that I was tired and I wanted no more of it. Just pack my bags and run. My family was taking over the responsibilities and I concentrated on being “the bride”.


Haldi (Turmeric ceremony)

So 7 days of tedious wedding adventure had begun from flying to a new place to adjusting to the hot climate. All Indian customs & rituals had commenced mahendi (Henna), haldi (turmeric), Prayers etc. The engagement was day before the wedding and I remember, how upset I was that morning about everything not being so right, basically because I knew so much about my wedding that I could pick and point what was not right (and crib about it to myself!).

Mahendi ( Henna Ceremony)

Mahendi ( Henna Ceremony)

Being an Indian bride is all about being a Princess and letting others take care of everything else, because in India weddings are a huge affair which involves everyone around and away from you. It’s not about you, it’s about lots of people – advising you on various things and talking about things which might not be important to the Bride & Groom (or might just create confusion).

Well, anyways as my engagement ended I was nowhere feeling like anyone important. I just felt tired and worked up. In fact I din’t even dance 😦 .



Finally the day had arrived, I decided to LET GO and– I DID, I got some Dholwalas (Indian drummers) and danced in the afternoon before the festivities begun. I din’t bother to go to the makeup artist I booked, loaned out the ones who had come to help others. I instructed them to do a simple everyday makeup. I forgot to wear half my accessorize. I danced in the room as I heard music play at the gardens. Nothing was perfect – It rained on my wedding (It was an outdoor wedding). But finally I was enjoying just being myself – The imperfect one 🙂 !


I mounted my doli (A kind of Chariot for the bride to enter & leave) and my brothers carried me to my wedding grounds. I was there, everyone was looking at me, flowers were falling, drummers were playing, music was loud…..I heard it right – did I? I was at my wedding. It went on till the next morning, a long long wedding! I was fatigued – But laughing and playing just like I would do any other day not bothered about anything else. It was not a perfect wedding nor did I ever feel like a Princess/Queen. but I was happy and wife to my Prince charming!

Pheras (Wedding Vows)

Pheras (Wedding Vows)

My Big day thought me a very simple lesson for life .

“It’s very important to be yourself to enjoy anything to the fullest, be it small or big!”


  • Don’t fret & fume over little things not falling into place –> You will realize later it din’t even make a big difference.
  • Eat well, sleep well & put on your dancing shoes.
  • Relax , It’s your day — So nothing is going to go wrong unless you think its wrong.
  • You know whats the best for you. So if you don’t like something, don’t go for it.
  • You are not Fat!!!(I hear this most times from all the brides) You are perfectly fine the way you are –>Happy brides make the prettiest brides.

In short, I know you know all of it. Just that at that point of time we don’t remember all this and mess it up –> Just be yourself ❤ !

Canon-5D0057 (1)


PS : I missed my perfect honeymoon too and landed in Paris due to my boy’s work commitments 🙂 !

26 thoughts on “Being a “Perfect” Indian Bride

  1. Beautifully Written. I Still Remember, You Were Excited Like A Small Girl , Who Got Her Favorite To Play With.

  2. Happpiie Wedding Anniversary Maitri 😀
    You looked gorgeous and I lovvvveee the “choodas” ❤
    But you ended up in PARIS 😀
    Have an awesome day ahead 😉

  3. you look cute and beautiful as a bride.the tips mentioned are very important for every bide to understand but too difficult to follow 😉 . i couldn’t sleep or eat on my wedding day 😦

  4. Congratulations !! ❤ Wish all the best 🙂

    Lovely Pictures, and a beauifull you, it looks all so happy and ful of life.
    A heartwarming post, thx for sharing of the most important and beautifull day of your life.

    Mundo from

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  6. I can never tire of looking at your wedding pics maitri…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Gorgeous beautiful elegant etc etc cannot describe how u dazzled 🙂 🙂 Have great years ahead with avi… 🙂

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