MUST WATCH VIDEO : Awarness – Pulmonary Fibrosis

“Life is not measured by number of breaths we take, But by the moments that take our breath away”

– Maya Angelou


And nobody can answer this better than a patient of  ‘ Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis ‘. The awareness of this little known deadly

disease is what was lacking few years ago and even now it seems to be less. This is an incredibly dangerous disease with no cure. What’s worst is to know that every breath you take is taking you away bit by bit.

I always wondered if I would ever have the courage to write about it or if I would ever be able to do justice to the disease in spreading awareness. But then I found this video which did more justice than I can imagine. Watch this TRAILER before you start or watch the whole documentry by clicking ‘watch the show ‘ on the link below. It’s wonderful to see people fight it out, live strong and spread awarness. Just Wished so much awarness was there at our time. Click and watch #pulmonaryfibrosis #awarness #spreadtheword




“Scarring of lungs, loosing of breath, living each moment as if it was your last.”

Is it cause of SMOKING? NO …Don’t get it wrong. It can happen randomly to anyone. The reason is still unknown .

Is it better than LUNG CANCER? NO ….Lung cancer has a cure, this doesn’t. You eventually die out of breath.The cure is still unknown .

Is it a disease that happens in U.S.A or U.K? NO….. It happens everywhere. With very little awareness in developing /under-developed countries.The death of the patient is unknown.

I was in touch with a patient in U.S and she told me she lives on oxygen for last 7 Years. Some are detected in the last stage, when only 30-20 percent of their lungs are working and they just go away in few months. Some survive it for few years. Some go for a lung transplant — it might or might not work cause rejection & re-infection are two risk involved. That is, if you get a matching donor on time. Sometimes its familial, imagine what would happen to the family then.

No cure, there is nothing to get away from it. It can only take you away from everyone.

pf 2


I have seen it – My Dad fought it, It took him away from us . He knew — how deadly it was and his every breath was taking him away. He lived through it, smiled through it and challenged it hard. He knew better than us, when his time had come to go and after 7 years of fighting finally said ” its time to go” and left us.

No one other than the patient can tell the feeling of being there and living it. Hope lies that one day there will be a cure and we will see more patients breaking through it.

If you want to educate, participate, donate or get involved visit the official website of Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. It’s doing a great job. Connect with team PFF  for anything related to the disease. You can even honor a loved one here.

There are charitable merchandise you can buy from Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. A part of this goes as donation to the foundation and plus it helps spread awareness. Wristbands (above), T-shirts , Car magnets etc — SHOP HERE

Further more if you want to buy more merchandise to gift or create awareness here are few websites below.

Personally I like this one the most.

For more study American Lung Association

WATCH — EVERY BREATH COUNTS – Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis   ON DISCOVERY CHANNEL 8 AM ET/PT, 21st June, Sept 13th and 27th or ONLINE.

I am ending the post here by photos of two tattoos. One on the right, is pulmonary fibrosis ribbon tattoo by someone in memory of her Dad. Other one, is my tattoo in memory of my Dad.


This post is dedication to my Father –

Mr. Praphulla Kumar

A visionary and Fighter. Charismatic and Cheerful. A perfect Leader…..A unforgettable personality.Who contributed to the society with his expertise in Civil Engg. But, more than anything else, The man whose values has made me what I am today.

                                                                                       ” MY HERO AND NOW MY GOD “

Founder & Ex-Chairman Geo Foundations & Structures Private Limited.                                                                                                      

À votre santé! 🙂 





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