Dealing with a loss of a loved one – Father

The truth is:

You never get over it,
You learn to deal with it.

You don’t move on one fine day,
You learn to accept it over the years.

There are ‘good days’ and there are those days when you ‘walk through the pain’ once again.

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MUST WATCH VIDEO : Awarness – Pulmonary Fibrosis

“Life is not measured by number of breaths we take, But by the moments that take our breath away”

– Maya Angelou


And nobody can answer this better than a patient of  ‘ Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis ‘. The awareness of this little known deadly

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How cheesy can you get France ?

The French cuisine is something I discovered recently. It has so much more offer, other than the crepe’s and creme brulees. So let’s start with the basics – French love their Pain, Fromage et Vin (bread, cheese & wine) and incidentally I love them too. First nourriture (food) I discovered in France was the Baguette, when I boarded my metro for my house, most of the fellow passengers were either munching on their long sandwich looking bread or carried lots of them in their bags. A common site in France. I can keep writing about food but I shall stick to what i’m here for now.


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Being a “Perfect” Indian Bride

This post comes as I complete one year into my wedlock! Wohooo… 1 Year. That sounds like a milestone. It also completes exactly two years since we met. This would also be the most personal post till now

I wanted to be a bride ever since I was 10. Being one of the youngest girls in the family, I had witnessed many wedding’s right from the time I was 4 and oh yes! I had danced out my heart in each one of them. I always saw brides being pampered irrespective of the fact they were going from the family or entering a new family. I never understood why? but I was always fascinated by the idea of getting dressed up and being the center of attraction — Like a Queen of your upcoming King!


The Indian Bride

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Barcelona – A walk to remember

If you have one day to explore Barcelona on foot how would you exactly do it? This walk of mine might help you figure out.

I am going to walk you through the medieval town of Barcelona, Make you  admire architectural treasures and modern Tapas bars – the soul of the city.The city is amazingly modern but exquisitely ancient.As the sunsets, Continue reading


Flying without wings

Yes! I want to fly, I love heights as much as I hate water (Hydrophobic 😦 ).I always had visions of falling from somewhere and then taking off like a bird. The feeling of air on the face, the freedom to see the world and go anywhere, stop anytime. Just fly away where ever you want.


Oops! Dreams are dreams.I wouldn’t say I flew but Yes! at least I tried.

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A treat at Etretat!

Last summer in France ,we decided to take a weekend off towards the coast of English channel. The destination was the little village in the upper Normandy region known as Etretat and it was indeed a treat to our eyes and soul!

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Garlic Fish with Herbs & Salad

Healthy cooking is what I do once a while.After a jog or after a heavy lunch.This recipe is very simple and easy to cook after a hard days work.The simple flavors of garlic,thyme and coriander will make it worth it.A quick look at it for a week-day healthy bite! IMG_2758 Continue reading


Guide to Zermatt Folklore Festival!

A midst the valleys and snow-covered mountains of Majestic landscape of Switzerland lies a car-free Alpine village right out of fairytales-Zermatt. Surrounded by ranges of fabulous mountains it is also known as a platform for skiing and mountaineering.

 View of the majestic Matterhorn from our Balcony!

Morning view from our Balcony!

So keeping aside the mountains, skiing. Camping and everything that happens all around the Alps. I am going to share with you the unkempt secret of Zermatt

Few things you need to know about Zermatt:

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Peach & Pale

There are so many different colors now in our palates that I still need to acquaint myself with some. But for now I think my outfit is peach but pale.

So I got all decked up on a Sunday morning to visit the palace of Versailles not very far from where I live and I wanted to feel little princessy to get into the whole palace feeling(yes!sounds crazy but love to dress up according to the place makes me feel more bonded ). so I chose to pick a light-colored frock with a bow.

Oh yeS! I love little bows and laces. So here it goes…..


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