How cheesy can you get France ?

The French cuisine is something I discovered recently. It has so much more offer, other than the crepe’s and creme brulees. So let’s start with the basics – French love their¬†Pain, Fromage et Vin¬†(bread, cheese & wine) and incidentally I love them too. First nourriture (food) I discovered in France was the Baguette, when I boarded my metro for my house, most of the fellow passengers were either munching on their long sandwich looking bread or carried lots of them in their bags. A common site in France. I can keep writing about food but I shall stick to what i’m here for now.


The first time I got introduced to the array of French cheeses was at Continue reading

Garlic Fish with Herbs & Salad

Healthy cooking is what I do once a while.After a jog or after a heavy lunch.This recipe is very simple and easy to cook after a hard days work.The simple flavors of garlic,thyme and coriander will make it worth it.A quick look at it for a week-day healthy bite! IMG_2758 Continue reading