Peach & Pale

There are so many different colors now in our palates that I still need to acquaint myself with some. But for now I think my outfit is peach but pale.

So I got all decked up on a Sunday morning to visit the palace of Versailles not very far from where I live and I wanted to feel little princessy to get into the whole palace feeling(yes!sounds crazy but love to dress up according to the place makes me feel more bonded ). so I chose to pick a light-colored frock with a bow.

Oh yeS! I love little bows and laces. So here it goes…..


I wore my little netted frock with bow-shaped belt of a similar color as I completely wanted to avoid dark colors.


To accessorize just an orange  colored pendant with a long chain. Yes! I deliberately dint want to contrast anything here and keep the colour everywhere.

The highlight is my favourite watchhhh 🙂 .(I just try to wear it whenever I can )

Furthermore its still cold in Paris so here is my long frock cut coat and checked bag.


So before it gets too cold am off to see the Gardens of Versailles.

I would love to get lost in this classic French style garden and time travel to 16th century 🙂


Dress :Promod

Belt: Promod

Bag: Baggit

Pendant:I am

Watch: Guess

Coat: Naf-Naf

15 thoughts on “Peach & Pale

  1. Bringing an old palace fairytale alive ! Pictures and the casual words make it really a worth while to read ! Dress looks scincillating on you !

  2. OOH it looks soo sweet. I love the coulor of the dress. All in all the combination is so classy and at the same time casual. Today´s princess 🙂

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